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Image by Kirill Shavlo

Critical infrastructure is at elevated risk for intrusion and theft in 2021 

When infrastructure is inoperational, life and assets become at risk in a matter of seconds. Critical infrastructure providers are aware of the elevated risk and have an obligation by law and by moral code to secure and protect their operation on the highest level. 

Human guards and technology are already involved in the security efforts at every provider. Our services cannot be left out from the complex security solutions. We provide a very effective and affordable extra layer of security.  


Billions of dollars in compensation and fines is paid out each year for negligence, theft-caused errors, and downtime. 


We significantly reduce the possibility and liability of mistakes resulting from the negligence of on-site security services.

Our specially-trained counter-terrorism unit not only provides the best protection against theft and injuries, we are also highly trained to spot on-time terrorism-related activities.


50 bn

Critical infrastructure damage in US in 2020

Our 21st century solution is the best tool to prevent serious damages!

Down-time  •  Theft  •  Terrorism
Critical Infrastucture security pain points
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