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Shootings • Bullying • Drugs • Smoking • Vandalism
School security pain points

We cannot wait for serious problems, we must prevent them! 

Our children's lives are in constant danger. School shootings result in frustration and fear. Our responsibility is to constantly improve the security and protect life at all costs. 

The majority of campuses are protected by camera recording devices. These are either randomly watched by guards or not viewed at all. Patrolling guards are limited by their scope; when on patrol, their visibility is limited to 1 to 2% of the total property. Schools are forced to spend enormous amounts on security over their budgets. New approaches are necessary to provide better protection for less cost as shootings and other on-site emergencies continue to increase in frequency. 

Swissguard is highly committed to protecting students with all possible training and resources. We are combining highly-trained human guards with state-of-the-art technology. Our approach cuts costs while significantly increasing the level of security. 




US children are now more likely to die in school than serving in a war

Our solution for schools provides

  • Real coverage for expansive areas

  • Continuous live monitoring by professionals

  • Real-time information and active help for on-site guard and patrol

  • Real-time information and active help for first responders

  • Reasonable cost spent on security

  • Reduced liability

  • Providing a much safer place for the new generation

  • Reduced bullying

  • Reduced drug-related activities on premises

  • Decreased vandalism

How would you feel, knowing you didn't take necessary steps to protect your students? The prevention of future tragedies is a must, not an option.

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