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Truck and Warehouse
No product, no business! Insurance will help? Just maybe...
Warehouse security pain points

Security is necessary to run your business successfully! 

Theft results in missing products, excessive paperwork, and an increase in your insurance premium. If you stop crime on time, your business will not face difficulties and you won't have to worry about your insurance company's often subjective decision when it comes to payouts.

Swissguard services protected warehouse can help maintain the business without loss of product or clients by minimizing:

  • Down-time

  • Liability

  • Insurance costs

  • HR costs and related liability



Increase in thefts during 2020

Classic on-site guards are costly, often untrained, and are involved in up to 60% of on-site thefts. 

Our solution starts at $1 per hour, compared to the $20+ per hour of the classic on-site guard.

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