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You want to maximize income, minimize problems, and not waste energy.

Property owners will evaluate your work through results.  

Location, location, location... However, rent levels and occupancy are determined by several additional factors, with security being one of the biggest costs and risks. In certain cases it is even too expensive to implement any security at all. ​

Results of Swissguard off-site security solution:

  • Well-protected building

  • "Smart-building" status, which attracts more tenants

  • "Swiss quality" distinction

  • No crime or vandalism unattended 

  • Crime prevented or stopped in real time

  • Affordable costs which will provide competitive running costs for tenants. 



Annual cost of property crime

We can solve your problem! Our off-site guard protection starts at $490 per month, which is 40-60% less expensive than other classic on-site security solutions. 

It's your choice to offer a 21st-century solution for your tenants, or to be old-fashioned and use overly expensive guards

Complaints  •  Cost  •  Liability  •  Building quality  •  Occupancy
Property manager security pain points
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