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Apartment Building
Forced entry • Family safety • Drug-involved crimes
Multi-family residences security pain points

Swissguard is protecting families and creating safe neighborhoods! 

Guards on-site?

The cost is enormous and the guard is very often not at his workstation

No guards on-site?


There are essentially no security solutions in place

Patrol Services?

The patrol is effective only during the 3 minutes when it is nearby. This service is easily predictable for criminals. 

Cameras in place?

If the cameras are not monitored constantly, the crime cannot be prevented. Recorded footage can only be used as a forensic tool. 

Swissguard will solve all of these problems!

We provide affordable protection around the clock every single day. Crimes are not only detected in real time; they can be stopped before they would occur. Our guards are never off, and our 24/7 is real, without any interruption. 


   Swissguard's strengths:

  • Never on break, unlike classic guards

  • Alerts on suspicious activity

  • No alarm system needed

  • Affordable

  • Real-time protection

  • No subscription needed

  • No investment needed



Of renters are willing to pay higher rent in exchange for connected security. 

Our off-site guard protection starts at $490 per month

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