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Swissguard combines manned security with state-of-the-art technology 

Instead of the classic on-site guards, Swissguard provides off-site coverage that gives a reliable service at an affordable price. Swissguard ensures that the guard monitoring the property is adequately trained in providing the protection your life and property deserves. 

Our guards are continuously watching your surveillance cameras without any interruptions. Swissguard officers work a rotating shift that allows a fresh pair of eyes every 45 minutes, assuring the safety and security of your life and property. 

The guards are trained to not wait for an alarm, as our goal is Real Time crime prevention. In event of any suspicious activity the guards will be proactive by starting the properties' previously agreed notification protocol by notifying first responders, local security, and our customer. 

This solution gives an opportunity to act 5-15 minutes before the unwanted activity would happen, which allows first responders to act rapidly and effectively. 

Swissguard's International Watch Center operates in the European Union, which results in 50% more affordable security cost for our customers. In case an alarm is triggered by our watch-center, the alarm is processed by our US-based Alarm Monitoring Center. 

No previous or current manned guard solution has the abilities to provide a higher level of readiness, safety, and value for your life and property. 




Our guards are thoroughly vetted before being selected for the position. Once a guard is hired, they must go through a comprehensive introduction training and will complete recurring training to maintain a higher level of knowledge and value in protecting your property and life. The guards are constantly monitored by internal and external affair. 


Swissguard's service works independently from alarm systems. Our service does not rely on notifications from alarm systems or motion sensors. 

Our aim is to detect any suspicious activity or potential threats before an unwanted incident happens. Our Guards are trained to proactively handle any suspicious activity by notifying the proper chain of command and first responders, which allows a quicker response time to help prevent and/or limit significant damage to the property. 


Swissguard does not escalate false alarms. As a result, local law enforcement is able and willing to react immediately upon our call. 

In the event of a live shooter, Swissguard is working on finding a software capable of notifying law enforcement, staff, and students of an immediate threat to the property*. 

*Note, this function is subject to client security device capabilities


Swissguard offers live audio communications. Our alarm monitoring partners warn suspects they are under surveillance. Often, this alone is enough to dissuade potential criminal activity


*Note this function is subject to client security camera capabilities.


Our state of the art watch center is located in the European Union.


All personal and activity are in-line with all legal and professional requirements of the European Union, Switzerland, and the United States. 


Our alarm processing is provided by Acadian Monitoring Services, which operates via a network of three bi-directionally redundant central stations. Our alarm processing centers are UL-Listed and Five-Diamond certified by the Monitoring Association, setting a high standard for the security industry. 

Our alarm processing centers are located in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Chicago, Illinois. These centers monitor thousands of satisfied customers nationwide. Each is staffed with highly-trained and certified response team members ensuring the fastest response to calls 24/7. 

Emergency room 2.jpg

Swissguard's Law Enforcement Advisory Board works hand-in-hand with local, state, and federal law enforcement in efforts to continue to build an alliance that promotes positive law enforcement and business relationship.


Our approach generates a fraction of industry standards with decreasing the high level of false alarms, which create a degree of trust between law enforcement and Swissguard, which directly results in faster and more accurate response times from first responders. Real-time communication supplies law enforcement with the necessary information to approach incidents strategically. 

Regulations and Compliance

Compliance Guarantees 

Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA),

Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000

Technology Guarantees 

State of the art security software and IT solutions,

Use of Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence


Privacy is guaranteed by US, Swiss law and EU regulations,

Advanced international defense technology

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