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Luxurious House

Wealth is visible from a distance and attracts criminals. It is not enough to live well; protection is inevitable. Without security no luxury can be enjoyed.  



on-site security is involved in up to 60% of property crime

VIPs and luxury properties are targeted by criminals at significantly higher rates than average properties.

It is a constant dilemma to have expensive on-site security guards or simply trust in luck. Furthermore, security personnel bring with them their own problems. Privacy is at risk with on-site security who are often intimately with the family and the property.  In fact, on-site security is involved in up to 60% of property crimes. 

We are the leader of the off-site security industry and have extensive experience in providing VIP protection with our famous Swiss quality. 




burglaries per year in the United States

      Our solution is:

  • Against forced entry

  • Operating even when alarm system is disarmed

  • Providing maximum privacy

  • Tailor-made

  • Preventing crime

  • Minimizing possible damage

  • Giving full information and security awareness to VIPs

No other solution can provide such a level of protection for reasonable cost!

Family safety  •  Property and valuable protection  •  Privacy
High-end residential security pain points
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