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COVID-19 Update: Swissguard International Watch Center will continue 24/7/365 real-time camera surveillance operations throughout the pandemic.


We provide security guards for less than $10 per hour


Instead of the classic on-site guards, we provide off-site coverage that gives exceptional service at an affordable price. 

Our guards are continuously watching your surveillance cameras without any interruptions.

In case of any suspicious activity, our guards act according to pre-arranged protocol in contacting emergency services, key-holders, and the client. 

We are much more than a video alarm monitoring company; we dedicate guards to your property.  We are the only company in the US providing this service. 

No existing manned guard solution has the ability to provide a higher level of readiness and safety for your life and property. 


Our hiring process is strict. We employ only the right person for the job. Once hired, our guards undergo both entry and weekly training. 

Our guards work 45 minute shifts. Every 45 minutes a fresh pair of eyes takes over your safety and security.


For compliance, our guards are constantly controlled by internal and external auditors.


Our service works independently, we do not rely on any alarm system. Our state-of-the art artificial intelligence assists our guards in detecting unwanted activity. 


Our aim is to detect any suspicious activity or potential threats before an unwanted incident happens.


In case of an incident, we notify and give useful information to first responders. This allows a quicker response time to save lives and limit damage to the property.


We limit false alarms to a minimum. As a result, local law enforcement is able and willing to react immediately upon our call. 


Our supervisors have a minimum of 5 years law enforcement experience. This ensures professional and reliable reactions.


Our state of the art watch center is located in the European Union.

All personal and activity are in-line with all legal and professional requirements of the European Union, Switzerland, and the United States. 


Once our guards detect suspicious activity, our alarm monitoring services process the alarm. They operate via a network of three bi-directionally redundant central stations. Our alarm processing centers are UL-Listed and Five-Diamond certified by the Monitoring Association, setting a high standard for the security industry. Located in Louisiana and Illinois, these centers oversee thousands of satisfied customers nationwide.

Emergency room 3.jpg

Our Law Enforcement Advisory Board (LEAB) is working closely with local law enforcement to provide better safety and quicker responses.

Our mission is to create a safer world with the local community. 


Image by Liam Tucker

“We are in the entertainment business. A lot of customers...a lot of risks! Over 4 locations we were paying more than a million dollars per year. We moved to a combined service of Swissguard and on-site guards. We are now paying 450k per year. We feel we are providing much higher security to our customers too. And our insurance has dropped. Thank you!”

Steven, Lockdown Rooms,

Las Vegas


Compliance Guarantees 

Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA),

Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA)

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2016

Technology Guarantees 

State of the art security software and IT solutions,

Use of Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence


Privacy is guaranteed by US, Swiss law and EU regulations

Advanced international defense technology

General Terms and Conditions

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