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Robbery  •  Employee safety  •  Loss of revenue
Retail store security pain points

Operating with guard services?

Operating without guard services? 

  • Most likely they are too expensive and unreliable.

  • A distracted or on-break guard will not stop any crime.

  • However, in these cases your liability remains toward your customer and your employees. 

  • Too big risk, but no budget for man guard. 

  • Operating without security​ in place is calling for trouble.

  • If you are a business owner and working alone, your life is at risk. In these cases no one is coming to help when needed the most. 

In case of any criminal event, your retail store will receive negative reviews which can lead to revenue loss. If you rely on insurance coverage, who knows what you will get!


If Swissguard is responsible for your safety, you are not alone...ever! We are protecting you 24/7. 

         Our anti-robbery solution can:

  • Prevent and stop robbery

  • Protect lives of business owners, employees, and customers

  • Protect cash and cashier

  • Guard premises, parking, and loading areas against crime



Retail Employees died from homicide in the workplace in 2020, an increase of 31%

  "More retail workers than police officers were killed in homicides on the job over the last 6 years"

    Is your employees' safety worth $490 per month? 

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