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Security Pain Points

Robbery |  Perimeter Surveillance   |  Vandalism 

Burglars target warehouses and storage facilities because they are stocked with valuable items. But surveilling your warehouse is challenging due to the size of grounds (including structure) and multiple entry points into the building.

Security camera technology is excellent; however, smart cameras and alarms remain an incomplete solution. The on-site alternative of security guards is often expensive and ineffective. The bottom line is that we lack an all-encompassing security service.

At Swissguard, we are changing that. Our remote guardians sound the alarm, verifying activity, and get law enforcement to you quickly.




Annual cost of warehouse yard and facility robbery

Who is watching your security cameras? 

Key Benefits

Active Watch Officers 24/7/365

Secure Your Perimeter

Live Crime Verification

Fast Response Time

Perimeter Protection

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