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COVID-19 Update: Swissguard International Watch Center will continue 24/7/365 real-time camera surveillance operations throughout the pandemic.



Who is watching your cameras?

Our Mission

Swissguard provides high quality, cost-conscious security with real-time video monitoring. Our service combines human and artificial intelligence to provide advanced protection 24/7/365. Our Swiss roots are evident in our quality and privacy assurance. Our vision is to protect and create a safer world.

Speciality Industries 

Physical Infrastructure

Every moment counts. The sooner you know there is a risk on site, the sooner you can mitigate that risk and receive help.


MFG + Warehouses

Criminals expect cameras. They expect that no one is watching them. They expect a disguise will be enough.  


Campus Safety

As of February 29, 2020, the USA has had 55 mass shootings, resulting in 74 deaths and 199 injuries.


Retail Stores

More retail workers than law-enforcement officers were killed in homicides on the job from 2013-19.


Multi-Family Residence

54% of renters are willing to pay higher rent in exchange for connected security. 


Office Buildings

Stressful office entry and exit negatively affect employee production and turnover.

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