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The Swissguard Solution

The Swissguard Solution combines people, processes, and technology. Your security cameras connect directly to our watch center, where trained watch officers actively watch in real-time 24/7.


Swissguard offers industry-leading redundancy by combining human eyes with artificial intelligence software and motion-sensing to identify suspicious activity or crimes prior to their occurrence. Cameras are never off-screen.

If our watch officers detect suspicious activity at your establishment, they immediately alert local response teams to take action. Our quick triage process provides law enforcement with event verification needed to initiate a fast response. The result of our solutions is crime prevention and apprehension.

The Swissguard end-to-end solution fills the gaps left by systems that rely purely on artificial intelligence or system owner action.



The Swissguard solution has been crafted by experts with backgrounds in security, public safety, law enforcement, and military service. Our strategic approach to protecting people and property in the most vulnerable moments sets us apart from mainstream security offerings.


Watch Officers are curated to be the best, from their rigorous selection process to training. Remote guardians watch active cameras in real-time. Watch officers spend a maximum of 45 minutes actively watching up to 32 cameras and then rotate with a rested guard. This constant rotation ensures that you have fresh eyes on your cameras at all times.


Swissguard’s Remote Guarding solutions integrate military-grade artificial intelligence, to help qualify potential threats within the established digital perimeter at your property. This tool enables Watch Officers to determine the difference between standard and unusual behavior. The result is qualified events that get faster response times.


Swissguard offers live audio communications. Our alarm monitoring partners warn suspects they are under surveillance. In the event of a live shooter, we are developing capabilities to communicate with patrons, staff, and/or students to the threat. *Note this function is subject to client security camera capabilities.


Our state of the art command center, located in Europe (Budapest) is home base to our Watch Officers who keep eyes on your cameras 24/7/365. Our command center is in constant contact with local alarm monitoring companies to ensure ongoing compliance with local standards and licenses.


Swissguard’s Law Enforcement Advisory Board works to build relationships that promote positive law enforcement relationships. Our approach generates fewer false alarms, which results in quality service and faster response times. Real-time communication supplies law enforcement necessary information to approach incidents strategically.

Swissguard is ready to sound the alarm. No matter the moment, we are ready. 

Quality Assurance

Compliance Guarantees 

Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA),

Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000

Technology Guarantees 

State of the art security software and IT solutions,

Use of Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence,


Privacy is guaranteed by Swiss law and EU regulations,

Advanced international defense technology

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